About us

XRoom team is a strong-knit team from Dnepropetrovsk which includes the best quest room’s writers of the country with experience abroad. 

Our mission: give you the opportunity to experience bright emotions that inspire you! 

It is very important for us to create truly unique products in the sphere of entertainment providing a service to which you want to return. 

At the moment, 13 such projects in 6 locations in two cities of Ukraine have already been implemented - this is the quest of the room, quest games and clubs of virtual reality.

Every day more and more people get positive emotions giving them to others! Thank you for your recognition! 

And yet ... We are so confident in our businessthat we are ready to return the money spent per visit in quest of reality XRoom, if you do not like! 

Mass Media about us: 



If you are a journalist please mail us to xroom.dnepr@gmail.com - we will discuss conditions of cooperation.

We are constantly developing and discovering new room quest, so if you are a specialist in electronics, able to create creative things or want to work in the quest rooms then please write xroom.dnepr@gmail.com.

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