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2-4 pers

500-800 UAH

The Workshop Of Leonardo Da Vinci

2-4 pers

500-800 UAH


3-8 pers

500-1300 UAH

Save Secret Archive

2-4 pers

500-800 UAH

Virtual reality "Space"

2-3 pers

600-800 UAH

The Walking quest for the order

10-1000 pers

Quest room Lviv

To date, the Lviv room quest is a completely new entertainment format and a great way to spend time with friends. Many of you like to play computer games and online games. This same kind of leisure is a spectacular action film, only happening in reality. Impressions here are not transferable: it is a sea of positive emotions, and excitement, and child involvement. If you do not have enough pleasant impressions in life, the quest room in Lviv is exactly what you need.

Quest Room: Immerse yourself in the game

The game also recalls computer quests, the storyline of the beloved Da Vinci movie, and the popular TV show "Ford Boyard", whose fans all over the world are huge. Only this time all the tests take place in real life, and the main characters are you and your friends. You will have 60 minutes of active rest to solve the mysteries and get out of the enclosed space. This is the optimal time for which you can complete the quest. Already after a couple of minutes the participant begins to feel like a full-fledged hero: deciphers mysterious messages, solves puzzles, etc., receiving a lot of unforgettable impressions. And in advance he does not know the plot - everything happens in real time!
Quest room in Lviv will give a lot of bright emotions and impressions. It's like an action movie with your participation. The whole environment makes you dive into the "other world" and feel yourself at the center of exciting events. Over the creation of the quest, script writers, designers and decorators created the interior, sound engineers and lighting workers worked on light and sound. Quest room is equipped with the appropriate attributes, original thematic decorations and other props. Any trifle adds realism to the whole environment.
A good quest is the best way to have a great time and an excellent remedy for emotional fatigue and boredom. Such kind of entertainment in Lviv is offered for small companies, usually two to six people. This kind of leisure is able to set up the nervous system in a healthy way, that is, as if completely "resetting" it. The real game is a mixture of role-playing games and tasks, the participants of which unravel the purpose of any objects, plunge into a whole series of events, etc. In general, they apply their dexterity, logic, attentiveness, caution and wit to the maximum.

What kinds of quest rooms are there?

To date, there are several types of quest rooms in Lviv. They differ in the themes, age of participants, as well as in genre and goals. Let us dwell on each of them in more detail.

Quest rooms in Lviv are distinguished by the theme:

Quest rooms depending on the age of the participants:

Quest rooms Lions are distinguished by genre and goals:

  1. Classic Escape room. The main task of such entertainment: get out of the room, solving puzzles and revealing secrets.
  2. Quest room. In this case, participants do not need to look for an outlet, but to feel the plot as much as possible, to become the main character of an exciting action film, to accomplish some tasks, etc.
  3. Performance - a kind of mix of Escape and Quest room, but with the addition of animators or an actor, performing different roles in the course of an exciting game: to interfere, distract or vice versa, help to pass some task. Each participant is given a role.
  4. Quest room for children and adult leisure with an emphasis on physical activity. Today in Lviv this species is especially popular. After all, it allows not only to show dexterity and strength, but also to show physical preparation.
  5. "Living" quest room. This kind of entertainment, which can be obtained in XRoom Lviv, involves the repetition of the plot according to a certain scenario. It is not at all necessary to look for a way out of the room, it is much more important to fully comply with the scenario.
  6. Quest in box. The participant receives a box in which there are items for the passage of the quest and detailed instructions. He can play the quest himself and, if necessary, get help from the animators. Such quest Lviv room is a great way to have fun at home in the company of relatives and friends.
  7. Morpheus. Quite a difficult game, because all actions happen with your eyes closed. All tasks are carried out "to the touch". To immerse in the atmosphere helps the actions of animators and the corresponding sound genre.
  8. Anger room is a great way to spend time, throwing out all negative emotions outside. In the process of destroying the room you will become much easier.
  9. Hide and Seek in the Dark. You are deprived of one feeling, the team is divided into parts and you play hunters and victims. You think differently and act differently than you expected. The room is accompanied by special effects and various sounds.

Conducting extraordinary leisure in the quest room in the city of Lviv, and even in the company of relatives and friends, is a wonderful holiday that will give a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions.

Who will find entertainment in the quest room?

Quest room XRoom (Lviv) - your entertainment, if:

Innovative technology allows you to create a quest room in Lviv original interesting. This kind of rest will surely appeal to both adults and children.

Rules for visiting the room quest

Register for the game and try to get out of the quest of the room!

Quest room XRoom - the best entertainment

Looking for entertainment in Lviv? Do you like solving riddles and solving puzzles? Quest room, which you can glance in Lviv, is a great way to celebrate corporate events, Birthday, New Year and other holidays. Participants of the quest will have to perform a number of interesting tasks: find secret places, unravel messages, untangle detective story, open safe, etc. Such an attraction is ideal for a company of friends who, although usefully spend their leisure time. Participation in the quest will allow you to feel yourself in the role of the main characters of your favorite movie. Mysterious atmosphere, exciting plot, fantastic world, spirit of adventure and close-knit teamwork. All events will take place in reality, not before the PC display or the cinema screen. Quest will present a sea of ​​unforgettable impressions, which will be remembered for a long time. If you have not already participated in something similar, and you do not know where to go in Lviv for the weekend, then be sure to visit XRoom. Collect a company of 2-8 people, determine the time of passage of the quest and open up new horizons. You will have fun and with great benefit, having received a lot of thrills, adrenaline and unforgettable impressions.


Want to be interesting to spend a corporate or fun celebrating the birthday of a big company? Quest room XRoom gives discounts on the booking of several quests: 20% discount when booking from 3 quest rooms at a time or even 1 quest if it falls 5 days after the birthday of one of the participants - we will give a 20% discount presentation of the document: passports, birth certificates).
Just now the action "-20%" is taking place to participate in any next quest room or game "Hide and Seek in the Dark" on the same day! Ask your administrator for details.
Have you decided to pass the quest room right now? Call by phone: 0956398606; 0636480821; 0682164504. We are waiting for you!


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