Quest rooms Lviv "XRoom"

Do you like thinking and flaunting your innovative thinking?

Then try to solve all the puzzles and find out all the hidings in the quest room just in 60 minutes!

The Workshop Of Leonardo Da Vinci

2-4 pers

300-550 UAH

Stepan Bandera

2-4 pers

350-600 UAH

Virtual reality "Space"

2-3 pers

600-800 UAH

(coming soon)


The Walking quest for the order

10-1000 pers


Want to experience a lot of adrenaline, work in a team and get lots of positive emotions? Banal trips to the movies are already tired? Great solution - quest room! We offer you a unique opportunity to visit the quests in Lviv! Company XRoom offers several quest-rooms to choose from. Our events you will remember for a long time!

What is it?

Quest room is a newfangled entertainment that is gaining popularity all over the world. Several people, who enter the room, will have to perform quests in reality. If one of the participants refuses, no one can get out. In each room there are special tips in the form of certain items. For example, immersing in the atmosphere of the quest, you are transformed into a spy or explorer, a treasure hunter, a movie hero or a book. 

Of course, the task of getting out of the room is not as trivial as it may seem at first glance. If during the game one of the participants refuses to complete the task, it will be difficult for the team to reach the end. Each room hides special hints in the form of certain items that will help solve the problem. If the task seems too complicated, we will give clues. But do not be sure that we will always help you - you must think logically and learn to work in a team. 

Our quest service in Lviv is an excellent solution for small events. For example, if you celebrate a birthday in the quest room, this will be the best adventure in the life of a birthday person. The age limit is 14 years. Naturally, the task to leave the room is not so banal as it might seem at first glance. Each room has its own history. For instance, in some atractions a person sometimes has to reincarnate in James Bond, the hero of the film "Mission Impossible" and so on.

If you wish Lviv quest room will give you a lot of pleasant impressions. You don't know where to go? Do you want to celebrate the corporate as never before? We will help you with this. Register now and get a huge positive charge! For more information you can always contact our representatives. For more information you can always contact us!.

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