THE GOAL is to get out from A QUEST ROOM IN 60 MINUTES.

You need to solve the chain of puzzles, open locks, find all the hiding places and get out of the room before the time over.

For whom the game is siutable?

It’s suitable for students, adults, parents, and the children from 12 years in a group of 2-4 people (in quest room "Indiana Jones: The Lost City" in group of 2-6 people). Children under the 12 years and younger could play in the quest in the presence of one adult at least! If a team has one child under 10 years he could be the fifth member. There are could be 8 people older 10 years in quest game "Hy-spy in the dark"! Sober (administrator gives access to the quest). Physical training is not important, you will need to think, so the force is not required.The quest rooms are perfect for corporate events and team building, birthday celebrations (with a 20% discount) and joint campaigns with friends or family.

Before the game

You have to come before the the game starts. Administrator will instruct you and enter in the course of events. Record on the game and try to get out of the quest room!


You want to take your corporate or to celebrate birthday with a big company? Quest rooms XRoom gives discounts for booking multiple quests: 20% discount for bookings of 3 rooms at the same time! Even for a small company we give a discount of 20% for birthday (upon presentation of a document: passport, birth certificate, etc.). Just today a special offer "20%" to participate in the second room the quest on the same day! For details consult the administrator or by the numbers 093 818 71 11; 095 535 71 11; 098 646 71 11

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