The football club "DNEPR":

Valery Luchkevich (midfielder): With a good team behind bars you will get! Thank XRoom for the great mood!)
Svatok Alexander (defender): With my cockroaches robbed a bank)) and XRoom gave us a good mood!!

The international organization "STREET WORKOUT":

Denis Minin (director of "Street Workout Ukraine"): Spent a wonderful evening today!)

Gauranitay Shulika (coordinator of the social projects, organizer of the championships and festivals): Thank Igor Nazar for the invitation on a quest as well as command XRoom for creative puzzles and a pleasant converse after the game with the caring administrator Irina =) Personally had heard about quests a long time ago, and now i have an opportunity to play and even in the company of my friends!

The group "KLEY UGRUMOGO":

Gloomy bandits send thanks to cool guys from Dnipro room Quest X-Room in Dnipro. It was our first quest and directly to "bank robbery". It was so awesome. So many emotions, so many impressions. Sometimes it is very useful to be transferred to another reality and be someone else. And there are such mega professionals who are able to move you to another so realistic world. We robbed a bank for 42 minutes, it is a pity that the songs are not written so quickly. In short the Quest room X-Room in Dnipro keep in mind when we next come to the Dnepr, you'll be the first to whom we join the party. I want to feel again these emotions. And for good we envy those who can do it more often.



A few days ago KIMNATA GRETHEN at full strength visited Quest-room X-Room in Dnipro !!! Incredibly spent time, a lot of pleasant emotions, charge-testing for the brain and the excess of self-produced adrenaline which we will send to the creative flow surely!!! In addition the game in quest room ("Bank Robbery", as in our case) is a great event for team building and a real test of teamwork and cohesion in the team !!! Anyone recommend !!!)


The group "TARANTINOS"

Friends! We want to share with you impressions) A few days ago we were invited to the quest room XRoom. We have heard a lot of good reviews, but it was not enough time to participate. Moreover I say that you will belong to this fun quietly until you try. only once to visit this room, and you certainly want to experience that feeling again and again. Quest room like a drug reveals in you a super hero, agent 007 or just a participant of MEGA reality show plunging into the world of incredible adventures. There are a few things which can be compared with this feeling, at some moment you're just forget about everything plunged in the game totally. Quest lasts only 60 minutes but the time in the room goes through very quickly, and the last 15 minutes turned into a real adrenaline)) It is very cool to play in a team it seems to me that we does not have such unity for a long time. Huge gratitude to XRoom for interesting quests, unforgettable emotions, presented to the mood, for XRoom team's professionalism and their ability to create spectacular scenarios and rooms. It was cool!!! We will definitely come back to you !!! Thank you)


Victor Vynnik (Ukrainian musician, vocalist, leader of the rock group "MERI"):

It turns out that adults also love to joy ... Quest rooms X - ROOM could be useful. Even such non- gambling person as I liked it


Denis Balanyuk (midfielder): Had a good evening! Today visited Xroom and passed quest! A lot of good emotions, I advise to everyone)

Denis Kostyshin (youth team of Ukraine): We liked you very much, left under the excellent impression <3


Vladislav Korenyuk (central player of BC "DNEPR"):

In my childhood I bought puzzles, hexagons, Rubik's cube and others, thus developing the thinking, accustomed to the priority of actions when scrolling combinations, so to speak, useful and interesting. Time has passed, toys and interests have changed, and this time I have been invited to go to the quest room & quot; Bank robbery & quot ;, to be honest, to say a lot of emotions, and in a word to say & quot; cool & quot; - it's nothing to say! That's when I had to sweat, running from one corner to another considering the clues and keys))) the sea of ​​bright emotions from me, my girl and my friends, thanks for this quest room XRoom!))

Group "ЮНАК│ÜNAK":

20 мая, в перерыве между концертами, посетили комнату "Ограбление наркобарона" Квест комнаты XRoom. Днепр, Иксрум ! Было тяжело и сначала никуда не спешили, а поэтому не могли собраться, потому что казалось, что пришли в казино) Но по ходу игры становилось гарячо и события развивались быстро. Было много неожиданных поворотов) Хотим поблагодарить за крутую локацию и за то, что все продумано на высшем уровне! Форт Буаяр отдыхает.


Anna Grishina (co-director of the residence of  beauty Mr. & Mrs.Estetista, one of designer butterfly's line, winner of awards "Pride of the Country 2015", "Professional of the Year 2015", "Lady of the year 2015"):

It was unreal emotions !! Thank XRoom very much for gorgeous organized quest :) Respektos flies to the organizers! With such cool command all are in the lights !! Pity we have not clashed with any animals either with Moro!


Yevgeniya Zyryanova (Miss bikini Eurasia 2015, master of sports and a judge of the national category on cheerleading):

really cool: 42 minutes and we're fabulously rich! Brain training took place! With favorite ann_mrs.estetista: bright events and positive emotions only with you! Thank xroomdnepr: it was great!


Valery Color (famous Street Artist of Dnipro):

I can tell you it is the coolest quest room! It was very interesting and realistic. I hope the guys from #xroom will open many more rooms. Special thanks to Igor Nazar from #kava, with his team are always interesting and extremely) #zdesroy love is #kava))


Olya Kushnir (famous MC Ameli from Dnipro): Today with a gang from cocaine_bar i first came to "XRoom"! Be very foolish ... but have passed for 38 minutes! Room "The Mystery of Dr. Moreau" ... can't express emotions by the text!


Sonia Spivakovskaya (popular blogger of Dnipro):

XRoom you are mega cool! I gave a lot of emotions and impressions! Though we are not novices and passed almost all the quests of the city, but "bank robbery" just conquered us! Special thanks for the delicious tea and sweets "good cow"


Ilya Levchenko (famous magician of Dnipro):

I AM EXCITED! RECOMMEND FOR EVERYONE !!! THE GUYS WHO MAKE UP THESE ROOMS ARE GENIUSES! I felt like in a detective film, was very interesting, any 12D and new toys does not stand near!!!


Oleg Moroz (absolute champion of Ukraine in the category of beach bodybuilding):

Today our team visited the coolest establishment of our city "XRoom", received a lot of positive energy and a great energy charge !!!  We have become a real bank robbers and certainly were not caught))) In general, those who would not here we recommend to go, you will not regret. And we will continue to delight you with interesting news and videos ... By the way command training video will be soon ...) Put likes, do not forget to do repost and mailing! Peace for everyone)


Sergei Klymentyev (singer, finalist of the "Factory of stars-4"):

We visited a cool quest "Bank robbery" from XRoom | Quest Rooms in Dnipro! I advise everyone !!! We got a lot of fun! And spend time with benefit! Good end Monday!


Denis Vitruk (a popular host of of Dnipro)

Guuuuuuuuys!!!! Thank you for the emotions, acting sweat on my forehead!!! Feel-good still !!! Everyone should visit it !!! Thank God we got from there!


Alex Surovtsev (stage name - mr.Strike, the best stripper in Ukraine, the founder and member of the popular erotic project "STRIKE EROTIC SHOW")

Visit one of the quest rooms from XRoom. Several times I was in quest rooms in Kiev, and I can say with confidence that Dnepr in this respect is much better!))) I recommend. Very interesting story and high technical readiness! Thank you!!!!


The musical group "VIDVERTO"

Well short of our quest in the X-Room institution in the river. Toja said that should this report. What we were that we could and we left. All of these quests, it's friends, and of course another trap. You originally encounters a beautiful lady, smiling, something was purring. Then you are treated to coffee and candy. Then take away the phone, lead up to dark room where someone has recently died, closing doors behind you, give pathetically weak flashlight and say you have an hour to get out. We clearly came out, because we are still not a pass. We do not usually tell you how to proceed. But ahead of that when you find a doll, it is not necessary to hang on a belt in the closet, as did we. And tear her head too, do not, as we did, then low distorted voice (apparently being shocked by our creative) say "Doll gather in a heap."


Samvel Tumanyan (Winner of "Ukraine Next Top Model") 

Christina Stoloka (Miss Ukraine 2015)

Kirill Skachkov (a popular blogger from Dnipro)

These cool guys visited 2 quest rooms from XRoom in one evening! The team was very pleased with the visit and they were able to cope with the passage in a very short time! Thank you for your emotions and joy, come to us again :)

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