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The XRoom team is a close-knit team, which includes the best writers of the country's quest rooms with experience abroad, strong marketing and production departments.

Our mission: to enable everyone to add bright colors and emotions to their lives, immersing themselves in another reality. To do this, it is very important for us to create truly unique entertainment products, while providing a service that we want to return to. Xroom already occupies a leading position in the Dnipro and seeks to replicate it in the following regions.


At the moment, 37 such projects in 10 locations in 4 cities of Ukraine have already been implemented - this is the quest of the room, quest games and clubs of virtual reality. In the process of building a few more cities, we will certainly come up with something new and amazing.


Values: trust, openness, initiative, efficiency, wow-service, positive, constant improvement.


Visiting the company for visitors: we work in order that close people often spend time together and with interest. More and more people with us every day receive positive emotions, giving them to others! Xroom wants to be a favorite place for entertainment, so that our guests are always happy to return and enjoy themselves. Thank you for your recognition!


The vision of the company for the team: a friendly, close-knit team, where everyone knows their tasks and performs them qualitatively and without kicking over. Administrators clearly know all the standards and templates when working with their part and when communicating with players, they always have a clean and cozy lounge, coffee-table. Always neatly dressed, friendly and ready to go first to contact. A sort of bell to which people are drawn. The operators of the quest room are always in working condition, without breakages or missing elements, clean and dust free and ready to accept players at any time. And if a breakdown occurs, it is quickly eliminated by the operator or other specialist. The Xroom team will continue to delight visitors and provide better services, including in new cities and countries.


The company's strategy is to inform customers about the rethinking of ways of entertainment, to satisfy even the unspoken wishes of their guests, to achieve 90% of the returnability of customers, to become a leading international company.


The goal of XRoom is to give the opportunity to experience the bright emotions that inspire you!

Goals for the team:

- Innovation and quality in the production department;
- creative and strong analytics in the marketing department;
- training and team building;
- Regular growth of financial indicators.


Mass Media about us:



If you are a journalist please mail us to [email protected] - we will discuss conditions of cooperation.

We are constantly developing and discovering new room quest, so if you are a specialist in electronics, able to create creative things or want to work in the quest rooms then please write [email protected].


If you are a journalist, let's work;) Write to us at [email protected] we will discuss the terms of cooperation.


We are constantly developing and opening new room quest, so if you are a great expert in the field of electronics, know how to create creative things or want to work in the quest rooms themselves, then write to us at [email protected]


History: the company quest rooms XRoom is open from May 29, 2015. Its founders are Igor Nazarenko and Pyotr Pinchuk.
Initially, 2 quests of the room "Robbery Bank" and "Dr. Moro's Laboratory" were opened (the original title was "The Mystery of Dr. Moreau"). Next, the mystical quest "Nightmare" (the date of opening on November 13, 2015) started.
In 2016, two locations were opened under the franchise: on the street. Shevchenko, 59 and st. Kotsyubynsky, 2/4. At each of the original there was one quest room: "The Illusionist" on July 29, 2016 and "Pirate Gold" on August 6, 2016, respectively. In the same year at the location of the street. Shevchenko 59 was opened the quest game "Hide and Seek in the Dark".
Also on November 20, 2016, a location was opened in Lviv, on the street. N. Gogol 6/8 with the quest "Da Vinci Workshop" and January 22, 2017 "Stepan Bandera's Cabinet" (later renamed him "Save the Secret Archive").
In 2017, 2 more quest was opened for the room "Robbery of the drug baron" and "Bathyscaphe", as well as two locations at ul. Shevchenko 59 with the quest "Indiana Jones: The Lost City" (to be more precise, this quest was bought and modernized) and the VR Virtual Reality Club.
In 2018 already opened: the location on the street. Polovitskaya, 5 with the mystic quest "Invasion of consciousness"; adventure quest "The Avengers" on the street. Shevchenko 59 and mystical room "Portal of ghosts" on the street. Kotsyubynsky 2/4. There will be more ...


And yet ... We are so confident in our business that we are ready to return the money spent for visiting the quest in the reality of XRoom, if you do not like it!


See you at XRoom!


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