Quest Room is your own adventure in the room where you become a hero (like in the movies, your favorite book or a computer game). You and your group (2-8 people) are in a real room: interior and decoration create an appropriate atmosphere, and you need to overcome the storyline and tasks that expect you there. Gather the team and go to the conquest of intellectual puzzles. Questrooms are full of interesting puzzles, one of which is to find a way out of hiding places. Here you can become a real team leader.


Fans of adventure in  real-time will definitely appreciate themed quest room. Players are allowed to use only its own logic, so forget about physical strength! You have just 60 minutes to find a way out from the room, so you need to develop an effective tactic and solve all the puzzles hidden in the room.

Quests in reality X Room allows you to distract from the urgent problems. Invite 2-8 friends to your team and go on an exciting journey. Children with there parents, teens and adults can take part in our quests. Everyone can find a deal!


If you want to invite your friends to pass the quest then give them a certificate in the quest room. It costs only 600 hryvnia, and it's valid for three months, during the certificate holder can come to us any day and get a lot of unforgettable experiences!

It is enough to take part in XRroom’s adventure once to love quests for ever!


You could get a chance to celebrate a birthday in a room quest. Bring your friend through the sacrament of the quest, help him find all the caches and get the necessary items to open all secret doors.


The site of quest rooms XRoom  contains a lot of themed adventure. We love our visitors and are ready to surprise them and also we like to get sincere positive feedback! For this reason we open new rooms with exclusive quest scenarios. Cunning traps, hidden caches and unexpected clues - you will be able to evaluate all of it passing quest in pleasant company and good service. "Life is game".


Book your participation in the quest room XRoom in Dnepropetrovsk and try it out! Time has gone!

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